Festival jury

Жюри конкурса моды

Ivan Ajplatov is one of the most famous and successful Belorussian designer. He was born in Ioshkar-Ola where has left technological college on a profession of the fashion designer. He is the prize-winner of many the most significant fashion events and competitions in Belarus, Russia, Czech.
Inna Leuta is a stylist, a make-up artist, an art-director of the Educational Centre of Beauty and Style, a teacher, a member of jury in the section of decorative cosmetics in republican and international championships, a consulter on image of show-business celebs and media people.
Ирина Мызина – организатор и хозяйка Кукольной галереи «Вахтановъ», одной из самых знаменитой в мире кукольных галерей, основанной в 1997 году. Обладательница одной из самых изысканных в России коллекций современных художественных кукол и медведей Тедди. Фотограф.
Marina Romanovskaja is an assistant of the general director of Center of culture "Vitebsk" in special projects. She is the author of ideas and the organizer of many known projects: «the White amphora» (festival of modern fashion), "Minstrel" (festival of guitar music), "Art session" (festival of student's creativity).
Natasha Potkina is designer and very creative person. She constantly thinks out new things which then are published under brand Natasha Potkina.
Ольга Лахина – основатель и организатор форсайт-проекта «TeddyFun», организатор выставки «Время кукол в СПб», организатор выставок «Искусство куклы» и «куклаЯ» в Москве, главный редактор журнала «Кукольный Мастер», исполнительный директор Культурного фонда «Куклы мира».


Juny 15

Juny 15, 2013

Musical Theatre (Minsk, Myasnikova Str. 44)

  • 14:00 Avant-garde Fashion сontest
  • 18:00 Fashion video-art сontest
  • 20:00 Gala show of collections. Awarding of winners. (face-art contest in intermission)

Club «NEXT» (Minsk, Kirova str. 13)

  • 24:00 Body Art and face-art сontest. Finale.

Juny 16

Juny 16, 2013

Marks Street in front of Historical Museum

  • 16:00 - 21:00 Carnaval and concert


  • Антенна
  • Телекомпания
    Телекомпания "Свой Круг"
  • Гастроном
  • Belorussian Fashion Week
    Belorussian Fashion Week



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