The Winners Of The Festival «Mamont» Were Announced

During the final show, that took place at the Musical Theatre on 15 June 2013, the winners of the XIII festival of modern art and avant-garde fashion were announced.

In the nomination «Nuans» for the original use of folk motives in her collection «Zapovet» Evgenia Lukjanova became the winner. In the nomination «Neon» Olga Kiselevich and Svetlana Ivashina, who were the winners in 2011, got a diploma for usage of optical and light effects. This creative duo introduced the collection «Bezdna» to us. The holder of the Grant-prix in 2011, the Centre of Fashion and Beauty «Chrustal Nymph» from Gomel, this time was represented by a team of co-authors with a unique and witty collection «We All Are From… or Made In China». This was a strong performance but the jury decided to give it the 1st place in the nomination «Knock-out» as the most provocative work.

The jury liked two bright collections and they received the prize in 2 nominations at the same time. Nataliya Kostroma-Andreuk is one of the most interesting people in design in Belarus, who is a favorite and a winner of all the contests she takes part in. She took a diploma in the nominations «Narrative» (unique presentation) and «Navazhdenie» (unique ideas). Alena Yarkevich won in the nominations «Nevidal» (usage of innovational technologies) and «Navorot» (unique combination of color and forms).

The discavery of the festival is Elena Kolyasnikova, a production designer of the Belarusian Drama Theatre. Elena participates a lot at exhibitions of modern art, creating things using various techniques. The collection «Dusha Dospeha», which was represented during «Mamont-2013», occurred to be well-thought through, unique and conceptual. The most unusual part is the process of costume-making. All collection is made of 100%-pure wool of Stavropol fine-wool sheep. Moreover Elena used the technique of seamless on-wet felting – that's the way valenki are always made. For 5 costumes 12 kg of wool was used which was turned into felt. The elements of the costumes were attached with the help of metal buttons, rivets and decorated with eyelets. This way, the collection was not sewed but constructed and it required 4 months. The combination of elements of modern costume and stylistics of middle-age armor was so interesting that the jury had no hesitation. Elena Kolyasnikova became the winner and Grant-prix holder of the festival «Mamont-2013».

Between a contest show and gala-concert there was also a presentation of vidoe-fashion-art movies. 24 movies were represented. And the winner was a movie from Belgium «Show-room», an author is Guido Verelst.

In the evening at the club «Next» a competition among body-art artists took place. The winner was Vyacheslav Baranuk with the project «Old School». The 1st prize went to Denis Ivanov, who represented 4 models at the same time – a team «Beauty Fusion», that showed a unique plastic dance. Artists Anastasiya Novik and Alena Mazhut, the project «No-stop» from Molodechno, presented an original male dou. One of the guys went roller-scatting around the club, the other one, a parkour master, showed acrobatic tricks.

You could also watch a performance by a vocal-dance project «EGOIST», a female plastic trio who also sing.

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Juny 15

Juny 15, 2013

Musical Theatre (Minsk, Myasnikova Str. 44)

  • 14:00 Avant-garde Fashion сontest
  • 18:00 Fashion video-art сontest
  • 20:00 Gala show of collections. Awarding of winners. (face-art contest in intermission)

Club «NEXT» (Minsk, Kirova str. 13)

  • 24:00 Body Art and face-art сontest. Finale.

Juny 16

Juny 16, 2013

Marks Street in front of Historical Museum

  • 16:00 - 21:00 Carnaval and concert


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